7 Successful Delegation Tips

1. Select wisely. Matching the job requirements to the right person’s strengths and skills will help ensure success.

2. Set expectations clearly. Explain the project or task in detail along with the expected outcome. Define time tables for both the final deadline and progress reports, if required.

3. Define authority boundaries. Make sure your employee knows what level of authority they have including decision-making and approvals, cost limits and enlisting help from others.

4. Inform others what the task is and to whom it has been delegated, as well as how they should communicate about the project.

5. Expect Mistakes. Taking on new responsibilities and learning new skills comes with a learning curve. Use mistakes as teaching moments.

6. Be available for questions and coaching, but don’t hover.

7. Provide detailed honest feedback once the task is complete. Praise and reward success, discuss ideas for improvement if needed, and publically congratulate them on their achievement.

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