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In today’s challenging environment, running an efficient medical practice can be difficult:

Attracting and keeping patients isn’t as easy as it used to be;

Reimbursements are down while your AR is on the rise;

You need to keep existing systems running smoothly while you search for the best way to automate practice processes;

Malpractice insurance premiums are on the rise along with your risk of a possible claim;

Staff morale can be low as you are asked to do more with less.

With more than 30 years experience and more than 25,000 clients nationwide, Efficiency in Practice, an InHealth company, is the perfect resource for all of your practice management concerns and challenges.

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Each issue of Efficiency in Practice will include . . .

  • Ways to spend less while doing more! We’ll include tips and suggestions for every aspect of your medical practice (front office, patient encounters, coding, billing and other back-office functions, personnel, technology and marketing).
  • Ideas and suggestions to help you become a more effective and efficient manager in a changing economy.
  • Personal tips and ideas to help you reduce stress in order to make your career less hectic and more rewarding.

  • Resources! Resources! Resources! We’ll share with you our most trusted sources, contacts and recommendations. As you look to improve your practice, we can save you some legwork and research time by pointing you in the direction of companies and individuals we know and trust. (See our Resources page.)
  • And so much more!

Check back often for updated topics and resources.

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