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Many of you have heard the saying “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” From a Medicare perspective, that saying could be “It’s not what you know; it’s where to find it,” (especially as “it” continually changes).

At our recent Client Appreciation Seminar in Chattanooga, TN, InHealth’s Senior Consultant Mary Kustermann demonstrated that she’s an expert when it comes to “where” to find information about Medicare Coding and Billing requirements. Listed below are a few of her top Medicare resources:

1. The Office of Inspector General – oversees Medicare fraud and abuse and publishes an annual report of the services within medical practices that are targets for audits during that year. By knowing what areas are targeted for audits, you can be proactive in conducting your own internal audit of your practice to determine if you are at risk. You can access this information by:

  • Going to the OIG website (
  • Selecting the Publications link on the right hand side of the page
  • Selecting The Work Plan from the list of Publications
  • Click on “FY 2010 Entire Office of Inspector General Work Plan” to download the report
  • Or simply click here.

2. Medlearn – The Medicare Learning Network According to the Medlearn website (, The Medicare Learning Network uses a variety of mechanisms, such as the Internet, national educational articles, brochures, fact sheets, web-based training courses, and videos, to deliver a planned and coordinated provider education program. The Network uses these different mechanisms to provide educational opportunities that accommodate the healthcare professional’s busy schedule, with the least amount of disruption to normal business functioning. Our goal is to provide you with timely, easy-tounderstand educational materials to accompany the release of new or revised Medicare Program policies. You’ll be able to click on links within this website to access free Medicare training and webinars; front office training and free practice/patient educational tools and materials. For example: During the seminar, Mary Kustermann passed around a 4-page laminated brochure called “PQRI Made Simple” that she had ordered for free from the Medical Learning Network website.

3. E-Prescribing. You may be able to get help paying for your E-Prescribing system. If you invest in and use an E-Prescribing system the incentive you get may offset your initial setup and operating costs. However, as part of an effort to encourage E-Prescribing, Federal, State and private sources are also offering financial aid for physicians. For more information, visit You can also click here to download “A Clinician’s Guide to Electronic Prescribing.

4. Sign up for Listserv Notifications at You can sign up for email notifications and alerts from CMS through a Listserv that is maintained by the National Institutes of Health. Simply click on the information on which you are interested in keeping up-to-date and you will receive an email when new information is posted on this particular topic. It’s a great way to stay current on important topics in the most efficient way possible. Click here for a listing of all possible Listserv options. If you want to take efficiency to the next level, set up folders in your email inbox for each of the different Listservs to which you subscribe. As soon as you receive a notification and read it, file it in the appropriate folder.

We hope that you find these resources to be as helpful as our seminar attendees did. If you have any other resources you use on a regular basis, please email them to us at We’d love to share them with all of our readers.

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