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Mine is a humorous take on… 

Practical Advice for Running an Efficient and Effective Medical Office

by Barb Webb

My office is a kaleidoscope of personalities and I truly enjoy working with each one, regardless…

We are a typical medical office complete with our diva’s, whiners, complainers, jokers, suck-ups, tattle tellers, self proclaimed over achievers, and gossipers, just to name a few. I categorize them without any malicious intent because the bottom line is they are all very good employees and manage to keep our fast paced office operational.

I never know on any given day what awaits me when I arrive at the office, but usually I am greeted at the door by a complainer who immediately rattles off, their rather lengthy, list of complaints all before I can even take my jacket off and turn on my computer. It usually sounds something like this; so-and-so is not being nice to me, my chair is uncomfortable, the computer screen makes my eyes hurt, the TP is too rough, the office is too hot or too cold, I don’t like the soap, we don’t have any good magazines, I don’t like the radio station, a light bulb needs to be replaced, can you tell so-and-so to stop chewing gum, the toilet needs plunged, I saw a bug, etc. And even after they have spewed their complaints and left my office, I get the pleasure of spending time on documenting the conversation and trying to rectify the problems. To be honest, at that point, all I want to do is scream.

I feel like a character in a newspaper cartoon strip, you know the one who has the little bubble over their head that holds their comments. I listen, and listen, and listen, to their complaints, like I have previously done thousands of times before knowing that nothing I say or do will change their personality, nor cease the complaints.

Some days their words tend to resonate… aggravate… and penetrate, so deeply that I fear a sharp needle is just about to prick my bubble and …”Pop”!  …. Wow! I would be in trouble then.

The “Pop” can never, never, never, happen because the accumulation of the years and years of the pent-up words my bubble contains are not anything a professional should ever let escape. I have been lucky, or should I say, the employees have been lucky, thus far, because I have been able to contain my bubbles contents.

As a professional, I must keep the smile on my face as I provide words of encouragement and assurance that I will do my best to remedy their issues, knowing that tomorrow I will again be greeted at my door with more of the same complaints.

The best way to run and effective and efficient office is to never let your bubble “POP”.  I will never be able to change the employees personalities or tendencies to complain, but I can continue to practice patience, be supportive, provide guidance, and keep my bubble intact… thus staying employed… hence the office runs efficiently and effectively!

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